Timber Ridge Fruit Farm was established in 1948 by John T. Watt, Sr and Christine B. Watt. With three sons Mr. & Mrs. Watt watched the farm grow into 475 acres of apples and peach trees.  My father, John T. Watt, Jr (Tommy) partnered with his Mom and Dad and  in 1973 built our own packing house and cold storage. We grew 8 varieties of apples and 15 varieties of peaches. In 1993 after graduating from West Virginia University, I joined the operation with my father and  in 2006 I  acquired ownership of Timber Ridge Fruit Farm, LLC with my wife, Kim.  We now grow 25 varieties of  apples and 5 varieties of peaches on 625 acres.  We pack and sell  to foreign and domestic buyers.  We have six cold storage rooms with the capacity to hold 200,000 bushels of apples. We sell fresh apples and peaches as well as processing apples.

We take pride in our orchard,  what we produce, and offer.


Cordell L. Watt




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311 Muse Road

Gore, Virginia 22637

   PH: 540-858-3207

FAX: 540-858-2888